This page is meant for those of you who would like a piece of original art. I have a few different types of commissions you can purchase.

1. A 5.5" x 8.5" color waist shot of one character: $50

2. A 9" x 11" color full body shot of one character: $100

3. A Cover or Splash page Recreation at 14" x 21" starting at $250 in B&W or $350 in full color.

Just email me with a description of what you would like done and I will reply to your email with a price quote. My base price is $250.00 for a basic cover that has a couple of heroes and a bit of background detail. Since price is based on difficulty you have to be aware if you are choosing a very complicated cover with 10 heroes and a detailed background be prepared to pay more than my base price. You can also give me a list of heroes you want and I can create a "custom" cover for you. I have done this a couple of times such as the cover below which was done for a customer that wanted the heroes drawn in the artists style that is most known for drawing them such as Jack Kirby style for Captain America, Bob Kane style for Batman and Will Eisner style for the Spirit. I made the cover in the style and size of a Golden Age cover and I love the way the Human Torch has melted his way through the circle to make the "O" in Golden. Also, notice the "TC" (my initials) in the DC styled company logo. In this case the customer gave me a list of heroes and I drew the entire cover without him okaying it first because I thought he would be knocked out when he opened the package and got a look at what I had done... he trusted me and he loved it. He wants to have a Silver age piece and a Bronze age piece done as well each in the cover style of their era. This cover commission cost $325.00. 

Calvin & Hobbes Sunday Comic Strip

PRICE: $300.00





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